Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying

Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying
Chronology of Municipal Waste:
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  1. Pre-Game
  2. The Art of Partying
  3. Headbanger Face Rip
  4. Mental Shock
  5. A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Destroyer)
  6. The Inebriator
  7. Lunch Hall Food Brawl
  8. Beer Pressure
  9. Chemically Altered
  10. Sadistic Magician
  11. Open Your Mind
  12. Radioactive Force
  13. Septic Detonation
  14. Rigorous Vengeance
  15. Born to Party
  16. Thrashing's My Business... And Business Is Good
  17. I Just Wanna Rock


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